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The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2012


Have you ever wondered who makes a production come together?

Box Office:

  • Arrange for ticket sellers
  • Arrange with LCP treasurer for change & cash box
  • Arrange for ticket tables
  • Return money to treasurer

Costume Manager:

  • Consult with artistic director for costume needs
  • Canvass Room 103 in Connell Building, where costumes are stored, as well as cast & crew. Nancy Parker has a large collection of costumes in her home. Pittsford Musicals also a source of costumes
  • Arrange measurement/fitting sessions with cast
  • Arrange costumes on LCP clothes racks
  • Instruct cast on their responsibilities for costumes
  • Arrange for washing/ironing any costumes during rehearsals & prior to performance
  • Clean all costumes before returning

Graphic Designer:

  • Designer(s) work with artistic director & producer to create poster, tickets and program. To avoid copyright issues, graphics must be original design unless permission received from licensing source to use show's graphics
  • All or part of poster design then used in ticket design
  • All graphics need approval of artistic director & producer

House Manager:

  • Make custodial contacts
  • Arrange for ushers
  • Arrange for refreshments
  • Develop lobby display
  • Tape down electric cords in aisle
  • Rope off seats not to be used
  • Post sign on auditorium doors regarding food & drink in auditorium & exiting & entering during performance
  • Check ticket box for accident report form
  • Know where-abouts of custodians
  • Follow guidelines for building use

Patrons & Sponsors Coordinator:

  • Create a mailer & send to past & present patrons & sponsors a month before performance
  • Contact Design FM to post mailer on website
  • Note that mailer is sent out only prior to large summer musicals

  • Recruit production crew & distribute checklists of duties for each crew
  • Oversee all production crews throughout rehearsals & performances
  • Be prepared to assume any & all production duties
  • Maintain "reaction log" to production crew check lists so that modifications can be made for future productions

Props Manager:

  • Consult with artistic director for prop needs
  • Canvass Room 105 in Connell Building, where props are stored, as well as cast, crew & community contacts
  • Arrange prop table(s) backstage with props & their location on the table clearly marked
  • Instruct cast members as to their responsibility for props
  • Make arrangements for safe storage of any props during rehearsals and performance
  • Collect & return all props; please honor the arrangement of prop room 105
  • Indicate to producer if special thank-yous are due


  • Arrange for poster & ticket printing and their distribution to be completed month before performance. LCP suggests contact Eric Castle at Genesee Valley Penny Saver
  • Arrange for print advertising:
    • Genesee Valley Penny Saver for paid ads in Arts & Soul section as well as free announcement in Hometown Events. Free announcement must be submitted 3 weeks prior to performance.
    • Livingston County News for news story & free announcement on their Choices page
    • Rochester City Newspaper for free coverage
    • Contact Design FM to post appropriate material on website

Stage Manager:

  • Assist in auditions, keeping data on candidates, addresses & phone numbers
  • Put up call sheets, call-back lists
  • Create & maintain call board space on call board
  • Assist in scheduling rehearsals
  • Spike the set in rehearsal space & later on stage
  • Arrange for rehearsal space & props
  • Prepare, maintain & distribute up-to-date cast & crew lists
  • Prepare prompt book with all necessary information
  • Check rehearsal attendance & call late cast members
  • Open & close rehearsal space
  • Handle valuables for cast during rehearsal time
  • Prepare & distribute daily rehearsal reports
  • Take blocking notation
  • Plan & rehearse scene shifts
  • Time rehearsals & report to director
  • Take charge of crew during technical rehearsals & throughout run of show
  • Enforce safety rules backstage & take responsibility for backstage discipline
  • Authorize opening of house to let in audience
  • Assume responsibility for all emergency decisions
  • Authorize substitution of understudies
  • Give all cues as necessary to elements of show
  • Time each part of the show
  • Call brush-up rehearsals if necessary
  • Serve as principal representative of artistic staff each night of show, with duties including touch-up painting or repairing scenery & costumes


  • Ready tickets for distribution
  • Determine distribution locations
  • Check ticket sales periodically with cast & locations
  • Collect unsold tickets/money from cast & locations

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